Core Products

Home Textile

Home textiles department is solar powered unit with approximately 40% energy (500KW) is generated through solar panels.

The plant is fully equipped with latest machinery and state of the art technology.

Sapphire has a diverse customer base from institutional articles, basic bedding, downstairs textiles to fashionable bedding; to handle all of them together – we have customer wise dedicated floors in order to cater the requirements accordingly.

mtrs/p.m capacity​



Shirting | Yarn Dyed | Bottom wears | Moleskins | Corduroys | Voils

Home Textile

Sheeting | Upholstery | Curtains | Hospitality

Work Wear

Safety fabrics | Fire resistant fabrics | High strength (para aramids) | High visibility



Denim has seen an evolution unlike any other. From basic work wear article to now on the streets of Paris and Berlin, Denim is Everywhere. Men, women & Children have all fallen for one of the most practical garment. We provide yarns to our customers who carry this business worldwide. With all possible yarn manufacturing resources we are at the forefront of denim and fashion movement in Pakistan.

Work Wear

We value human lives. We have designed a wide range of yarns to make fabric for our meal servers, nurses, fire fighters, industrial workers. We use raw materials such as polyester, fire retardants, Modacrylics, Meta and Para Aramids to make our workers, doctors and other members of the industrial fraternity to feel more safe and secure.


We make our yarns breathable, with raw materials to keep yourself cool or warm or just insulated from the happenings of the outside world. With highest qualities of yarn manufacturing standards, we support an active life. Be It tennis, or mountain climbing, it all begins here

Yarn Technology

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